About us

Bravo Loštice, Ltd. was established in Moravia, in December 1991 and in this country also has all its assets.

Our company operates on the field of metal-working industry for more than 10 years. During this time it has found a wide use for its services on the market and among our business partners are also some of the important Czech and foreign companies e.g. Karsit Jaroměř (supplier of Škoda Inc.), Siemens Elektromotors, MEZ Mohelnice, ZLKL Loštice Ltd., ABA Šumperk, SAN-JV Ltd., Urdiamant Ltd., Slovácké strojírny Inc., Ponam, v. o. s., SWIS Ltd. Mohelnice and many others. Among foreign companies which we supply with workpieces are also French company MLS Holice Ltd. and Italian company Marelli-Motori S.p.A. which we supply with workpieces through ZLKL Loštice Ltd.

In the metal-working section our company is specialized mostly on large elements cutting, for which we operate appropriate machinery. We also conduct a material division, not only by conventional means of using the band-saws but also shape cutting (division) of different materials (sheet metal) by the high-pressure water (hydro-abrasive) beam at one workstation and plasma material-division on the other one. Our company also conducts small-extend press jobs.

With the aim “To be a distinguished partner for both inland and foreign clients on the field of the engineering processing” our company defended on July 2003 certification audit ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2016; ČSN EN ISO 14001 : 2016 without development for the main process “Processing of the engineering components”.

Executive head of BRAVO Lostice Ltd. is:

  • Mr. Josef Bacovsky
  • Phone/Fax: +420 583 430 212
  • Cellular phone: +420 602 769 159

BRAVO Lostice Ltd. offers to you its services in sphere of:

  • metal-working
  • locksmithery
  • excavation and cranery works
  • buying of goods for the purpose of its further sale
  • accounting and administrative works

27. 02. 2022

Support for the “Social Car” project

On February 23, 2022, as part of the “Social Car” project, Dacia Lodgy was handed over to Caritas Zábřeh. Bravo Loštice Ltd....